Sela Connect

What is Sela Connect?

Sela Connect allows you to view and manage your roofing assets all in one place, from any device and at any time.  You now have seamless and convenient access to all of your maintenance and roofing information and solutions.

We offer you full access to any of our services. Get a quote in real-time from your mobile device or schedule a maintenance visit after hours on your iPad at home. Here are the custom features in your Sela Connect account:

Your Roof

Manage & Budget

Sela Connect allows you to view and manage your roofing project with us easily and conveniently, You will have access to our seasoned and professional team's assessment of your roof, inspection, costs and any other pertinent information. This will allow you to easily assess the condition of your roof(s) and enable you to make timely and cost effective decisions as soon as a need for repair arises. 

You can update any documents needed for the project, avoiding unnecessary meetings or bogged down email inboxes. Safely store it with your Sela Connect account. 

Service - Schedule and Track

Schedule and track in real time

Sela Connect allows you to send a service request from any device and track our progress in real-time. You will also be able to access all of your service repairs and invoices in one place. 

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections made easy

Sela Connect provides access to comprehensive inspection reports available for your review on any device, at any time. Your inspection reports will be automatically updated as repairs are completed and conveniently stored for you in your Sela Connect account.