Hyatt Regency Remodel has "Made in America" theme.

The Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis is undergoing a $25 million makeover and they have decided to give it a “Made in America” theme. “We had a specific goal of bringing as much of the manufacturing and sourcing back to America to promote job growth, increase speed to market and celebrate American craft,” says Michael Suomi, design chief for Stonehill & Taylor, which conceived of the architectural and design plans for this renovation. “And, we saved money!”

The Hyatt will have 533 rooms that are completely redone in indigo, grey, & gold. The guest baths will feature granite quarried locally from a 113 year old Minnesota  company. Artwork will be all new, and hallways will get new wall coverings with a distinct Minnesota theme. Scheduled to be complete in September, the redone Hyatt will be a great compliment to downtown Minneapolis.

Source: USA Today